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Congrats to Shalane Flanagan, American marathon runner who won the NYC Marathon. Raceclock is proud to have 72 of our clocks at the 2017 NY Marathon.

Raceclock - Timing Clock Systems, Finish Line & Countdown Timers

is your comprehensive source of sports timing equipment. Whether you are timing a race or a game, we have a Scoreboard, Raceclock, Sports Timer, or Printing Timer that will meet your needs. Our line of sports timing products includes full-featured Raceclocks, low-cost mile-marker clocks to inform racers and spectators, and printing timers to record end-of-race results. We also offer Raceclock accessories, such as tripods, carrying cases, and remote controls. With our quality products backed by superior service and support, your investment in sports timing equipment from Electro-Numerics will serve you for years to come.
Internal rechargeable batteries

Internal rechargeable batteries included. Up to 10 hours of activity per charge.

Made in USA

Quality Counts. All our product are deigned & made in Temecula, CA.

Timing modes

12 Timing modes. Made for professional marathons races & competitions.

FREE US Shipping

FREE US Shipping on all orders. No minimum!.

Made for photos

Made for photos. Our clocks clearly illuminate your time in your photos.

Two Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty We service repair & fix alll our clocks.

PT Clock Timers, Timing Systems for Races, Sports Timing Clocks & Accessories

Full-featured Raceclocks with traditional flip digits. Available in 4", 6" or 9" digit height , single or double-sided display.

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Full-featured Raceclocks with new, sunlight-rated, ultra-bright LEDs. Available in 4", 6" or 9" digit height, single or double-sided display.

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Low-cost, daylight-bright LED clocks with 6" tall digits. Single-sided , time-up only. Now available: CE Certified version for international use.

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Time Machine" timers to store and print race results for up to 10 lanes and over 8000 times and bib numbers.

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MileMarker, Full featured, time Machine, Full clock, Big clock, Wireless, Photo, Photo finish, Double sided and more.

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Tripod stands, Tripod bags, carrying cases, remote controls, Cables, Replacement batteries kits, and more.

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